People often ask me what my favourite part of working for Hockey Night in Canada’s Play On! is; and my answer is easy. Apart from the events themselves, which need to be experienced to fully understand how incredible they are, the best thing about working for Play On! without a doubt is the culture that we have developed around the office.

We ascribe our office culture to a simple philosophy; work hard, play hard. I can tell you first hand that no one works harder than the staff of Play On! come event season. 7 days a week we are at it with many long nights and early mornings, some days starting before dawn and finishing well after dusk. By the end of the summer, many of us are so worn out that it takes weeks, even months for us to fully recover physically and mentally. One thing makes all that hard work worth it though. Being able to work these hours side by side with people that you consider not only your coworkers, but your friends, and seeing the effect these events have on the community from all that hard work. When you see the unbridled joy that this event brings to people of all ages it can’t help but to make you feel warm inside. It is reminiscent of seeing your child score their first ever goal, and the ear-to-ear grin that follows soon after. There is no feeling quite like it.

As much as I like to discuss the long hours and gruelling toll that the season takes, we do have our fair share of fun as well. Company lunch outings, casual get-togethers, bowling parties and impromptu games of H.O.R.S.E. throughout the office are never out of the norm. Humour and light heartedness is apart of each and every day here, however, we do know when it is time to get down to work. It is ultimately this balance of fun, driven and purposeful work that makes working at such a unique company so rewarding. For many of us, myself included, it is a once in a lifetime opportunity to combine work with our greatest passion. What more can you ask for from a career?

Lucas Wong, seated in the picture above at left, wears a Play On! shirt to work at least three times a week and is the best basketball player in the office.