Play On! is truly unlike any other hockey event in Canada or any other sports event anywhere else in the world.  The largest participatory street hockey tournament / festival on earth, Play On! allows you to have a positive hockey experience playing highly organized ball hockey for fun and with your friends.

Each Play On! involves closing down up to 1.6km (1 mile) of street, parking lot, or (sometimes, when we are lucky...) airport runway, often in a downtown (but always in an exciting and popular) destination, in order to build and operate street hockey games on up to sixty separate street hockey rinks!   Those rinks are surrounded with vendors, games, and sponsor activations (that's a word used to describe the fun stuff sponsors like to provide for you to do when you are not playing)!!!

With music playing and everyone enjoying the spring sunshine, the result is a magical, festival atmosphere where kids can feel like Olympic champions or NHL pros, and adults (who put their own teams in too) all feel like kids again.  

Disclaimer: Our legal team has advised that we should clarify, it is true that the adults will feel like kids again, but only for a couple days, before the pain sets in - usually upon completion of about your 4th game ... 

The fact is that Play On! is your one and only Guinness World Record holder as the largest street hockey tournament and hockey festival in the world, and another great invention that belongs distinctly to Canada.   How wonderful it is that Mayors and City Councils from coast to coast happily agree that closing down their streets for a weekend, so that kids can play ball hockey, is not only worthwhile, but rather an important part of the incredible heritage of our nation and the fabric of Canadian culture.  

Each and every one of those sixty rinks hosts another highly anticipated street hockey game every 40 minutes, a process that is repeated on precise schedule for an entire weekend.  At the end of a Play On! event, more than 1500 games will have been contested (your team will have played somewhere between three and nine of those games, depending on your level of greatness), and more than 13,000 goals will have been scored.   It has been common for more than 4000 players and 20,000 spectators to participate in each and every Play On! event, with more than two million Canadians having attended a Play On! event to date. 

Play On! includes separate divisions for both genders, all skill levels, and all ages, and attracts teams from all over the world.  Each player in the event receives a commemorative Play On! t-shirt and, where possible, an assortment of neat offers from national and local sponsors.

So call your friends, grab the sticks from the garage, and put your team together!   Pick your team name and prepare your custom team jerseys.  Then prepare yourself, because Play On! will be one of the most memorable events of your summer!!