Registration fees for each Play On! event are determined as a function of the costs of operating each event. Registration fees are incrementally higher in some cities where the costs of venue rental, road closures, and policing, for example, are higher. It remains our objective to keep registration fees as low as possible in order to allow all Canadians the opportunity to Play On!

Find event pricing for your City.

All pricing as shown is for a team of 5 players. Teams must have at least 4 and may have up to 9 players on the roster. There is an additional charge to add the 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th players on each team. Registering more than 9 players is only allowed in the corporate division.

All Play On! events are played with three (3) 'out' players and one (1) Goalie on the street at all times. Additional players on the roster are substitutes with changes made on the fly.

You can.

Play On! is open to individuals of both genders, all skill levels, and all age categories.

Think you are too old? Probably not. Our oldest player to date has been 61!

Wondering if your child is too young? Our youngest player to date has been 4!

There is literally a division for everyone.

Call your friends and put your team together!

Teams must have at least 4 and may have up to 9 players on the roster. Registering more than 9 players is only allowed in the corporate division. 

No more, and no exceptions!

In almost every case, this is a team pre-registration tournament. That means that it is preferable for you to put your own team together.

However, for those who want to play but who are unable to assemble their own teams, and for the first time ever in 2016, individuals will be able to register independently. By signing up to play as an individual you are confirming that there is no possibility that you are able to put your own team together. You will pay an individual registration fee and be put on a waiting list. Event organizers will exert best efforts to put you on a team based on the preferences you identify during the registration process. Once you do register as an individual, please note that by so doing you have committed to play on whatever team organizers are able to put you on, and that you will not have control over that process. The team you play on may be in any division. Organizers will put you on to a team that most closely aligns with your age and skill. Please note that once you register, and once you are placed on a team, you are no longer eligible to try and organize your own team. If at a later time you sign up to play as part of your own team, your individual registration fees will not be refunded. Your fees will (ONLY) be refunded in full if organizers are unable to place you on a team.

3 out players + 1 goalie on the street rink at all times.

Additional players on the roster are also all eligible to play in each game, with all changes made on the fly.

If you are in the Elite (19+ Competitive) Division: Four

If you are in any other Division: Three

Teams will all play their first 3 games on Saturday as part of the “Regular Season”. Upon completion of games on Saturday, teams are seeded for the “Playoffs” which take place on Sunday. The number of teams that advance to the playoffs in each division will depend on the total number of teams in each division, but is usually approximately 80% of the total number of teams in a division. Most teams will make the playoffs. Organizers will design playoff schedules so as to accommodate the maximum possible number of teams into the playoffs, after considering space and time constraints.

Playoff schedules will be posted online on Saturday evening approximately 1.5 hours after all division games are over.

Once you lose in the Playoff round, you're done.

Each Play On! tournament includes divisions separated first by gender, then by age category, and then (where possible, depending on the total number of teams in a division), skill level within each age category.

A breakdown of the various tournament conferences and divisions is available on this site here

Each tournament division falls under one of four conferences, with pricing and/or rules being the differentiator between conferences. These four conferences are: Adult Elite, Adult Street, Youth Street, and Tidbit Street.

Adults can choose the conference they wish to participate in at the time of registration based on their preferred level of competition. The Elite Conference is the highest level of adult competition, with winners progressing to the national championships. The Adult Street Conference offers three separate recreational tiers. A COED team option is also available in the Adult Street Conference.

Youth teams with all participants ages 19 or younger should select the Youth Conference at the time of registration. Once player information is entered, youth teams will then automatically be placed in the appropriate division based on the age of the oldest player on the team. (For purposes of Play On! across Canada, age of each player is always taken as at Dec. 31 of the current year.)

Youth teams with all players age 7 or younger should selected the Tidbits division.

First off, a reminder to everyone who is interested in the answer to this question that Play On! tournaments are about having fun. Be sure to keep this first and foremost in your mind as you prepare.

Play On! tournaments are individually customized depending on the total number of teams that register in each division. This may include the use of either pool or bracket format.

All teams are guaranteed three games during 'Regular Season' (Saturday) play. Depending on their Saturday performance (including wins, goal differential, and fewest penalties) teams are seeded for the single elimination playoffs, which take place on Sunday.

Play On! tournaments are designed to allow as many teams as possible to make the playoffs given event space and time constraints. Once you lose on Sunday, you're Play On! tournament is done. Remember to congratulate the other team and demonstrate the honour of sportsmanship at all times.

  1. The Adult Street Conference is generally more recreational then the Elite Conference. The Elite Conference usually consists of players that have either played competitive ice hockey or in organized ball hockey leagues.

    Both the Adult Street and the Elite Conferences feature separate Categories for Men and Women.

  2. Adult Co-Ed teams are part of the Adult Street Conference. There is NOT a Co-Ed division available in the Elite Conference.

  3. Slapshots ARE permitted in the Elite Conference but are NOT permitted in the Adult Street Conference. A slapshot is defined as a shot that starts with a wind-up (backswing) above the waist, and is called at the discretion of the referree.

  4. Elite Conference participants compete for the rights to advance to the Play On! national championships and the Redwood Cup (awarded anually to Canada's greatest street hockey players).

  5. Elite Conference entrants pay a greater entry fee.

Rinks average 105 ft. (35m) in length and 40ft. (13.3m) in width

Wherever possible, all Play On! events are played directly on the streets. Approximately 1km of street in a high profile location is closed to traffic for an entire weekend in order to accomodate a Play On! event. As the program has grown, however, it has occasionally been necessary to hold the events in large parking lot locations.

Play On! uses 8ft. fence backdrops to keep the ball in play behind the nets. The curbs keep the ball in play along the sides, since sideboards are not used. Here's why:

  1. Play On! is designed to reflect Canadian street hockey in its most traditional form.
  2. Emergency vehicles may occasionally need to pass through the event site, and sideboard/backdrop connections would result in structures that could not be removed as quickly as may be necessary for emergency purposes.

All nets are regulation sized, steel, 4ft. high x 6 ft. wide.

Play On! features only the absolute best balls and equipment. We use the soft density G-Force ball manufactured by Mylec. The exact colour of ball used during each event is temperature dependent.

Yes. Some goal equipment will be available. Pads (24", 27", and 30"), trappers, and blockers will be available on site. A limited number of masks may also be available. Equipment must be signed out (a credit card number is required) and returned following each game. Your credit card will not be charged so long as the equipment is returned accordingly.

Take special note that chest/arm Protection, goal pants, jocks, and goal sticks are NOT available/provided. Each team should take measures to bring these protective items.

Sticks and Shoes are required for all players.

Any make or model of stick can be used. Plastic, graphite, wood, aluminum, etc. are all acceptable. There is no such thing as an illegal curve in street hockey!

However, sticks that are chipped or broken or deemed "dangerous" in any way may not be used. All sticks will be inspected / observed by the referee before and during each game.

Players ages 13 or younger MUST wear eye protection during all games. Eye protection is defined as either a helmet with a full cage / visor OR fully protective goggles that entirely cover the eye against the face.

Eye protection is STRONGLY ENCOURAGED for all other players, but is not mandatory.

Helmets, jocks, gloves, shin guards and mouth guards are also STRONGLY ENCOURAGED for all players, but are not mandatory.

All participants are given a commemorative Play On! (white) t-shirt, which teams are asked to wear in games when they are assigned to be the home team.

You get to say that you’ve won, and tell all your friends on Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube. That’s pretty great, isn’t it. Winning teams from all divisions also receive assorted prizing provided by event sponsors. These always include either Play On! champion t-shirts or trophies. Check in to your event page as the 2017 tournament approaches for more information on prize packages!

Play On! tournaments always begin at 8am on the Saturday of the weekend event. Schedules are posted online by Thursday at 8pm (two days before the event). Hard copies of the schedule are also distributed to all teams at registration Check-in held the day before each event.

Check-In is the term we use to describe the process of confirming that your team will play in the event, and is held after all teams have registered. No player will be permitted to play in the tournament until they have Checked-In, by physically submitting a signed waiver form. Usually, Check-In is held a local sporting goods store, and great discounts on all in-store hockey and other products are provided to those that attend. Check-In is always held on Friday (the day before the event) from Noon-7pm. The location of all Check-In events will be announced on each respective event page as the tournament approaches.

At Check-In, and after submitting the signed waiver form, each player will receive their tournament player packages and schedules. Player packages contain white Play On! t-shirts and other items donated by event sponsors. (If you’re a sponsor, Play On! player packages are a great way to get your product into the hands of 30,000+ hockey players across Canada.)

All players are strongly encouraged to attend Check-In. (By physically attending Check-In, you help Play On!’s corporate partners, who in turn help make the Play On! program more accessible to more Canadians.) However, we do understand that some players may be physically unable to attend. At the very least, a captain or parent must attend Check-In as a representative of the team. This captain or parent may check-in on behalf of all players on the team.

Yes. All Play On events feature a festival atmosphere, including food and other vendors, shooting and target shot competitions, vehicle test drive opportunities, a CBC sponsored break-away competition and a Celebrity street hockey game. You can also watch any of the 25-50 other games that will be going on every 40 minutes. Anyone can enjoy the action, which is free to spectators and designed for families. Come out and join the fun!

Yes you can! In fact, we require over 100 volunteers for every Play On! event. We’re always looking for friendly people to help out at these tournaments. For college aged and high school students - you can acquire some terrific sports and event management experience by getting involved in this program. And for those that like making a difference simply by contributing to their community, we have a special place for you. Volunteers receive food and beverages during the tournaments and a commemorative Play On! volunteer t-shirt. Wear it with pride!!! We will also absolutely provide references for all volunteers that make a significant contribution during the event. To be a volunteer, click here to register. Just select the city you wish to participate in and then select from amongst the volunteer options.

If you are 16 years of age or older, with interest and experience in sport, then you can absolutely be trained as an Official at Play On! Just ask any past participant -- we're always looking for good Officials!!! Play On! referees are essentially game managers and have responsibility to enforce rules, keep time, and keep score. It’s a challenging, but rewarding job. Referees are paid $7/game (each game is 30 minutes, so it is the equivalent of $14/hour) and also provided with shirts, whistles, meals and beverages throughout the tournament weekend. If you want to make this event better, and make a difference in by keeping hockey fun, register to be an official here. Just select the city you wish to participate in, and tell us about yourself, and we will be in touch from there by sending you a link to the referee training video. It’ll only take a couple minutes to sign up and your contribution to the tournament will make all the difference. Plus, you get paid!

Every year, we hire a number of interns to work as Assistant Event Managers. There are usually 2-3 opportunities at each tournament, meaning we take on over 30 interns across Canada. We look for folks with academic experience, outstanding work ethic, a positive attitude, and a passion for hockey and all things sports. Previous experience participating in Play On! is a definite asset, as our summer student crew also have opportunity to compete in some events as part of the Play On! staff team (overall record: 14-3). But it isn’t mandatory. Mostly we care if you have enthusiasm and willingness to work hard. Think you have what it takes? Send us a resume and cover letter explaining why you're the best choice for one of these jobs by e-mailing us.

For Play On! purposes, all ages are taken as of December 31 of the current year

As such, and for example, even if you are 13 on the date of the event, but turn 14 before the end of the calendar year, you are NOT eligible for the 13 and Under (Danglers) division, but would be required to play in the 14 and Under (Howitzers) division.

The online system will automatically place all teams in the proper division based on the age of the oldest player on each team.

Players are responsible for making sure that all birthdates entered at time of registration are accurate. We reserve the right to check ID at any time throughout the event and to disqualify players and/or their team for not carrying ID or for submission of false information.

Each division in the youth category is composed of players all born in the same calendar year.  During the registration process your team answers questions about each players background. The registration system considers your ice and ball hockey experience and recommends you to the appropriate division based on roster experience. Advanced is the higher category. For the purposes of this tournament, don’t think of the divisions as the same as you would for ice hockey. Recreational is for teams with no hockey experience what so ever.

Coed division teams must have at least two females on the roster and must have one female player on the Street Rink at all times.

Coed teams can still register in the Youth Conference. However, circumstances may be such that co-ed youth teams may have to play against all-male competition.

Play On! desires to encourage all to participate. If enough co-ed teams register within an age category, a separate co-ed division will be formed.

There are two ways to access the online waiver, after your team has registered.

1) Access the online waiver through the confirmation e-mail that each captain and registered player receives.  Your confirmation email contains a unique link for your team to complete the process. 
2) The second option to access the waiver is to login to your account at, view the team you have created and the option is ‘online waiver form’ (note this option will expire when online registration closes)

The “download the printable waiver form” is not an option as in years past and all waiver forms must be submitted online before registration ends for your city’s event.

Of course. Put your team together, pick the event you wish to attend, register your team and make your travel plans. Just don't expect to win! :)

This one is compliments of Dave Thomson from Calgary Alberta:

"When I win the Elite Conference in Calgary, What happens next?"

The winners and finalists in the Elite Male and Elite Female divisions (only the Elite divisions) from each event are invited to attend the National Championships.

"Is there a new registration process to register for the Redwood Cup? Are there more fees? Is travel to the Redwood cup covered for Conference winners? What about room and board at the location of the Redwood Cup?" 

There is no new registration process for the national championship event, though a deposit is required to hold your place in the event. The deposit is refunded in full when you Check into the national championship event, (and is not refunded if you don't!) Travel to the event and accommodations during the event are the responsibility of your individual team.

When does the national championship event take place? How long is it? How many days off work do I need to take?

Date and location will be announced as soon as they are finalized.

Good luck Dave, we all hope you make it there! :)

Like other participatory sporting events of this type, this tournament operates under a strict no-refund policy. The reason for this policy is that as soon as a team registers, organizers make commitments based on that team registration (t-shirts, player packs, etc.) As a result, refunds will not be granted after you have registered. You can change players any time up until your first game though!

Please do not register for this event unless you are certain that you have a committed team!