About us

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Street sports unite and inspire.

For generations, street hockey has been a favourite cultural pastime for communities that love to play. A social phenomenon, created by Indigenous peoples, woven into the fabric that holds Canada together from coast to coast.

A not for profit organization led by an inclusive Board of Directors

The first Play On! street hockey tournament was held in Halifax in 2003. Since that time, a total of 179 Play On! events have been held in 39 communities, involving over over 2 million participants, spectators, volunteers, and officials. The event set the Guinness world record for largest street hockey tournament in 2013, involving over 42,000 players in its largest season.

Play On! Canada successfully relaunched in 2022, after the impact of COVID-19 became better understood. It's Board of Directors meets monthly on the 3rd Wednesday of each month to plan and govern the future of this important Canadian program.