ConferenceDivisionYear BornAges
Youth StreetTidbits20177 and under
Youth StreetClappers20168 and under
Youth StreetDekers20159 and under
Youth StreetWheelers201410 and under
Youth StreetJukers 201311 and under
Youth StreetLuggers201212 and under
Youth StreetDanglers201113 and under
Youth StreetHowitzers201014 and under
Youth StreetSnipers200915 and under
Youth StreetRebounders200816 and under
Youth StreetEnforcers200717 and under
Adult StreetGrinders200519 and under
Adult StreetDustersNewcomers18 and over
Adult StreetMuckersBeginners18 and over
Adult StreetContendersIntermediate18 and over
Adult StreetAll StarsAdvanced18 and over
Adult StreetLegends1989 or earlier35 and over
Adult StreetMasters1979 or earlier45 and over
EliteEliteCompetitive18 and over

NOTE: Age is taken as of December 31, 2024 for the oldest player of the team. Age of a player on the date of the actual event is irrelevant for Play On! purposes. With the exception of the Legends and Masters players can always play "up" a division, but cannot play in a younger division.