Building Canada one game at a time.

"It's also no secret that the physical and mental health of Canadians has been affected by the pandemic. This festival reminds us of the importance of team sports in our overall well being." - Senator Tony Loffreda, in the Senate of Canada, March 4, 2022

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Canada’s Largest Sports Festival Returns in Summer 2022

Known for their inclusivity, Play On! Canada street hockey festivals welcome players of all ages and skill levels, from newcomer to NHL star.

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British Columbia provides funding to relaunch Play On! Canada

On Dec 15, 2021, the Government of British Columbia announced that it would be the first Provincial government to support the return of Play On! throughout its Province.

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Roads and our infrastructure, they are not just for cars, they are for people

Game on? City looks for ways to legalize sport on residential streets. Changes to provincial legislation would be needed to make playing sports such as street hockey on Calgary residential roadways legal.

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Quebec Senator Tony Loffreda rises to advance Play On! Canada

On March 4, 2022 Senator Loffreda made a statement in the Senate asking the Federal Government to partner with Play On! Canada.

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