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Our Values

What Makes Us Play On!

Play On! events have been created and sustained for two decades based on values that drive the planning, execution, rules, and expectations of all staff, participants, fans, and stakeholders.

Below are the five values that Canadians can expect in every Play On! event.



One of the oldest and most important rules of sports is being a good sport - Play On! participants lead by example as mentors and young leaders by having fun and being considerate of others regardless of whether they win, lose, or draw.

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Joy of Play

Play On! is a celebration of the most pure and innocent form of Canada's favourite pastime, "a game of the imagination". Street hockey is all about the Joy of Play. It's time to get outside with friends and remember the importance of wholesome recreation, building lifelong memories in the process!

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Play On! is truly inclusive of everyone. Utilizing the “stick and running shoes” accessibility of street hockey, anyone can sign up and participate in these events regardless of age, gender, skill level, or background. More than half of event participants don't skate. Play On! has separate divisions for everyone, not to mention an up-close, action packed experience for fans!

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Play On! brings hockey to the heart of the community, by closing down city streets for players, fans, tourists, locals, volunteers and officials to all gather and enjoy the weekend. This sense of community is the essence of all Play On! events, which also provide significant economic benefits to host communities.

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Unite Canada

Play On! preserves and celebrates the game of street hockey, enabling the next generation of youth including those new to Canada or new to hockey to experience the game in its most accessible form.

Play On! brings Canadians together from all backgrounds, coast-to-coast, to bond over sport and to further strengthen the unity of Canada.