Hockey Canada's Membership invited to engage in preserving street hockey as part of Canadian Heritage and Culture

January 22, 2024

Attention: Hockey Canada Members

Dear Members,

We are writing to convey our support of Play On! Canada, its stated mission to preserve street hockey as part of Canadian heritage and culture and its efforts to deliver mass participation community street hockey events nationwide that unify and build Canada one game at a time.

Recently, we met with members of the Play On! Canada Board of Directors and Executive Team to review the organization’s proposal to relaunch and expand the annual national street hockey event in 2024, and we are excited to see it run in communities across our country once again.

As you may be aware, Play On! Canada events have operated in our country since 2003 and Hockey Canada has joined some of our Members as engaged supporters of the project promotionally since its inception.

A Guiness World Record holder for the largest street hockey event, the organization has reached more than two million Canadians through its 179 events held in 41 communities in all 10 provinces.

With its return to communities across Canada, the festival will inspire physical activity amongst youth, help more Canadians fall in love with hockey and allow neighbourhoods to reconnect through a form of the game that is part of our sport heritage and culture and can be played in all areas of our country.

As of today, we understand that the organization has secured 67% of required funding for the proposed 2024 project through a combination of municipal, provincial, federal, and private sector funding sources, with several additional applications and proposals pending.

We continue to communicate with representatives of Play On! to consider how Hockey Canada may support this initiative in the future, and we will keep you informed of that progress. Play On! Canada regional steering committees may have or will be reaching out with regionally customized proposals for support in the weeks and months ahead, and based on its merits and your own interests and capacity, we encourage you to consider supporting the Play On! Canada project.

The currently proposed schedule of 2024 events is attached for reference, with the final schedule expected to be announced in the first quarter of 2024.


Darren Cossar
Senior Vice President, Member Engagement Hockey Canada