Hockey Nova Scotia exhibits support for Play On!

March 25th, 2024

On March 25th, Executive Director Mike Field wrote a letter on behalf of Hockey Nova Scotia, conveying support for Play On! Canada. In the letter Field states that Play On! has "worked in collaboration with [Hockey Nova Scotia's] Members [since 2004]", and that "[Hockey Nova Scotia] have been supporters of the program promotionally since its inception."

Hockey Nova Scotia also expressed its eagerness to see Play On! events in communities across Canada once again, "allowing neighborhoods to reconnect, inspire physical activity amongst youth and help more Canadians fall in love with hockey."

There is a long history between Play On! and Nova Scotia, as the program was founded in Halifax in 2003. A Play On! event was held at Halifax Commons annually between 2003 and 2017, except for 2015 when it was held at CFB Shearwater in Dartmouth when construction was taking place at the Commons.

Play On! Halifax was the largest Play On! event ever held with more than 500 teams participating annually for more than a decade; with 648 teams participating in its largest season. The Halifax Mooseheads and Hockey Nova Scotia have been supportive partners since the first event.

A quote from Scott Hill, Chairman of Play On!, speaking on this long history of collaboration and need for it in the future : "We know and have not forgotten the many memories created on Cogswell Street and the Halifax Oval via the Play On! Halifax event. The event became so large that funding its complex logistics and safe operation became challenging. For several years we have been working on solutions to obstacles that we believe in time will allow this event to return to the Province where it was created. We call on the good people and leaders of Halifax and Nova Scotia to engage to learn more about this event and how they can assist. Together, we can preserve street hockey as an important part of Nova Scotia's history and legacy and provide opportunities for thousands of youth to team up and play together again for decades to come."

The organizations are looking carefully at ways that they can work together to restore this event to Nova Scotia in the future. Volunteers who love hockey and who feel street hockey is a part of Canada and worth preserving are needed for an event planning and fundraising committee.

If you would be interested in helping organize this event in Halifax again, please email corey.barnes@playon.ca and gregory.mackay@playon.ca