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Play On! & B.C. - A Long History of Success!

June 13th, 2024

Play On!, Canada’s Street Hockey Festival, is set to come to the streets of Surrey and Kelowna in August. We invite teams from across British Columbia, Alberta, and coast to coast, to come together over a weekend in their shared passion for street hockey.

Surrey and Kelowna have populations of approximately 800,000 people combined and both cities share a strong love and passion for the sport of hockey, as of course B.C. is the home province of the Vancouver Canucks. Not everyone owns hockey equipment, which makes Play On! very inclusive and appealing to everyone! Grab your shoes and your stick and build Canada one game at a time with Play On!.

Play On! Surrey will take place in Cloverdale, the historic centre of Surrey, reflected in its unique western and railroad character. It is home to one of Surrey's most recognizable main streets as well as the Museum of Surrey, Surrey Archives, and many unique heritage buildings. Play On! events have been held in the Greater Vancouver Area for many years.

Kelowna is no stranger to Play On!, holding nine events to date since 2010. Play On! always features exciting sport-for-all street hockey action, interactive games, diverse food, and entertainment.

Play On! hopes on having 200 teams attend the events in both Surrey and Kelowna. These teams will fill the streets on 20 rinks full of street hockey fun. The different teams are split up into age and skill divisions, competing to be champions. Historically, in 2017, Kelowna saw 121 teams, on 13 rinks, enjoying the magic of Play On!. In the same year Play On! welcomed 181 Teams on 20 rinks in Coquitlam, part of the Greater Vancouver Area.

The festivals begin on Saturday mornings with the opening ceremonies, including a land Acknowledgement and playing of the national anthem at 8:00 am. The ball will be dropped for the first game immediately thereafter.

Play On! events feature customized street hockey rinks set up by our dedicated operations crew.

In addition to the action, which is free to watch for spectators, the event will have its usual blend of interactive activities, vendors, music and sponsor activations. Play On! also rewards its competitors and champions with great prizes! Stay tuned for the announcement and see what you can win at one of our events!

Quote from Scott Hill, Chairman - “Play On! is jumpstarting physical activity, championing inclusivity, cultivating social connections, driving economic activity, and reimagining sport delivery. There is great power in this simple Canadian pastime, and we invite the entire nation to grab their sticks and join in.”